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Little Pixie

A collection of traditional kiln formed fused glass work for home and garden; coasters, tea light holders, windchimes and pretty windowsill pictures.

It's good to say hello! By signing up to the mailing list I won't spam you, just tell you when new classes are on or new events that you might be interested in.

As a qualified teacher I can offer bespoke classes to a group of your friends at your home or as a corporate learning event.  All you need is your imagination and an open mind as I'll bring the rest!

Taking iconic images from cinema and turning them into unique, hand made glass pictures - can't see your favourite? Just ask and we'll see what we can do!

Using glass frit I create delicate line art imagery whether to celebrate the body or of a favourite pet and most imagery can be personalised from your own photograph. Please be aware some imagery may not be appropriate for under 18s

I am a Reiki trained healer as well as read tarot and have long used holistic practices at home and use Chakra colours to drive my traditional fused work, so this is a collection of pieces to help you find your own calm like the affirmation dish in the image above.

From time to time I get to leave the studio as well as use other outlets to sell my work.  This is a diary and listing of where else to find me and come say hello, it's good to be sociable!

The obligatory bio that we all hate doing! We'd much rather our work speak for us but we know folk like to know the person behind the work so this is me, and also how to say hello or ask about commissions etc.

If I had my time again I would love to have been a writer, so this is the closest I get - I just write about stuff, things that influence me, things that interest me, all sorts! If you would like to be a guest writer then please ask, collaboration is good for the soul!​