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Little Pixie


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Affirmation Gift Set


Using the ancient rituals of affirmation to create change this kit contains everything you need to make your own changes. We each face daily challenges and the act of writing them down just reminds us what is important and allows us to focus a little more.

Included are a handmade glass dish approxiamtely 6" square, dried flowers to remind us that difficulties are not permanent, small note papers to write down your affirmations, incense to add scent and remind us to connect to the earth and full instructions of how to use the kit. 

Each kit is handmade to order so some variation from the image may be evident but the main colour will remain.  If you have any further questions or want ot know more about using this for rituals then pop across to the blog at https://thelittle-pixie.blogspot .com or just drop me a message. If you would like a different colour not currently listed please ask. 

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